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Aloalo, Mahafaly Sculptures of the Efiaimbelos - Perrotin, NY

Aloalo, Mahafaly Sculptures of the Efiaimbelos - Perrotin, NY from 06/28/18 to 08/17/18

In collaboration with André Magnin, African art expert, Perrotin New York is very pleased to present an exhibition dedicated to the
aloalo of Efiaimbelo and his disciples. Efiaimbelo, Madagascan sculptor deceased in 2006, owned his knowledge to his great
grandfather Soroboko. Over the years, he developed his art and passed it on to his son Jacques Jean Efiaimbelo, and his grandson
Jean Colomb Efiaimbelo, their turn becoming “disciples” of the art. Today, only five members of the clan perpetuate this unique
practice in the same style as their distinguished inspirer.
Usually sculpted out of Mendorave, a very dense, rare and sacred wood exclusively cut and handled by sculptors; the aloalo is a
vertical sculpture that reaches about 2 meters high (6.5 feet) divided in two distinct parts. The base of the sculpture is a pole. It’s
upper middle part is carved into eight (the number of wholeness) successive geometric motifs painted in vivid colors. The first seven
motifs are an alternating succession of diamond-like or half-moon-like figures that respectively represent, according to tradition, a
Zebu’s forehead and a sleeping dog. The last symbol of the pole is a full moon adorned with sun rays that evokes light, life and

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