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Maître Syms

Bayangu Mayala, who calls himself Maitre SYMS, was born in Kinshasa on Dec. 25th, 1955, Republic of the Congo.

In 1976 Chéri Samba accepted him in his workshop where he learned the fabrication of rubber-stamps, silkscreen printing and portrait painting. After some months in 1977, Syms opened his first atelier. His main sources of inspiration are: "the stories of daily life in Kinshasa, the history of the 'boa-man', the small trades, the infidelity. I add the elements of my personal life too; the divorce of my parents, the death of my mother. I am inspired by the Bible".


2016 - 2017
"Peinture Populaire du Congo", Palais des Beaux-Arts (Bozar) de Bruxelles, du 7 octobre 2016 au 22 janvier 2017

Feb 6 - Apr 24 2011
JapanCongo, Magasin Grenoble, France


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Art for Aids, UNAIDS